DISCOVER 09 is a day-long open house at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, a national and Pennsylvania resource for High-Performance Computing (HPC). This event will feature exhibits and demonstrations of HPC work in diverse fields of study. You can learn how the tools of HPC - computational science, modeling, simulation, visualization, data mining - can advance your understanding and ultimate success.

DISCOVER how High Performance Computing ..... Makes it Easy Going Green | Helps to Find a Cure | Fuels Innovation | Brings Ideas to Reality

DISCOVER 09 will provide specific information on:

  • PSC resources and services available to users and how to access these resources
  • training and education opportunities
  • science programs to prepare the next generation of technology workers

Demonstrations in diverse fields including weather, biomedicine, energy and product development will be featured.

DISCOVER 09 is a full day especially designed for:

Universities and Colleges...

  • professors and researchers
  • graduate and undergraduate students

In all disciplines:

  • physics, biology, chemistry
  • earth and environmental science
  • economics and finance
  • architecture
  • social studies
  • humanities
  • and others where a computational approach might be useful

The Private Sector...

  • researchers, scientists, engineers, and corporate decision-makers
  • economic development organizations

See how HPC can improve innovation and competitiveness through applications such as:

  • product development
  • material engineering
  • supply chain management
  • financial modeling
  • customer data analysis

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